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A Path to Healthy Skin

Ongoing facial treatments provide a professional deep cleansing that improves the overall appearance, function and health of the skin. It aids the skin in its ability to eliminate toxins by exfoliation which rids the face of dead skin cells, making room for new, youthful cells to grow. Facial massage relaxes your facial muscles and stimulates circulation. Masks help to tone, clarify and hydrate your skin. Ending the facial with a toner and moisturizer, chosen to compliment your skin type, restores your skin’s balance of moisture, oil, and ph; leaving your skin looking refreshed, hydrated, cleansed of impurities, and visibly renewed.

Add Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion Treatment to any Facial: $30.00

Mini Facial(30 min) $40

This facial is perfect for someone on the GO! A quick deep cleanse, exfoliation and moisturize.

*Does not include extractions.

European Facial (60 min) $77

This pampering facial begins with gentle cleansing and exfoliation under steam, followed with extractions, a suitable mask and moisturizer. Includes a soothing, relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. This luxurious treatment is designed, not only to beautify, but also to relieve stress! Add AHA or Vitamin C $22

Teen Facial (45 min) $55

A specialized treatment designed for both male and female teens. Includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation under steam, to soften the impactions in pores in preparation of extractions. Followed by high frequency, which kills bacteria and promotes healing, a soothing mask to calm redness and balance your skin. A hydrating moisturizer completes this treatment. (Recommended for ages 13-18)

Men's Deep Cleansing Treatment (60 min) $77

A deep cleansing treatment that addresses the specific needs of male skin; razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

A relaxing massage, cooling mask and hydrating moisturizer complete

this treatment. Add AHA or Vitamin C $22

Clinical Facial (60 min) $100

A dynamic dual treatment for acne-prone and clogged skin! Alpha Hydroxy Acid is applied to loosen the glue holding together dead skin cells, followed by a synergistic blend of fruit enzymes to digest surface debris and loosen impactions to facilitate extractions. After thorough extractions, a cooling mask is applied to calm and soothe the skin. A hydrating moisturizer completes this treatment.

Back Therapy Treatment (45 min)$66

This is quite a treat. You can't see what is on your back and it rarely gets washed and cleaned like the rest of our body does. After a thorough cleansing, a gentle scrub is applied for superior exfoliation. A mask is applied and removed with warm towels, followed by a body moisturizer; leaving the skin soft and revitalized. Add AHA or Vitamin C $30 *Extractions as needed

All facials begin with a thorough skin analysis and are customized to your specific needs. A Paraffin Hand Treatment to hydrate and soften your hands is included in all 60 minute facials.